French technology for a high-performance, miniature, autonomous geolocation tracker.

During the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, M2M and geolocation specialist AGUILA Technologies launched its very latest generation GPS mini-tracker, the AGUILA1000, on the European markets. Light, with very long energy autonomy, it is the smallest geolocation tracker in the world today.

New uses to meet increasing needs for geolocation:

The current surge in thefts of shipments, jewels, works of art, equipment, machinery and various commodities, together with the increased requirement for anticipation in the Logistics and Supply Chain sectors are making geolocation systems even more necessary. Now there is a demand to track an ever- increasing number of ever-smaller elements with systems that are ever more powerful and discret.

Accordingly, AGUILA Technologies has developed a mini geolocation tracker that is innovative in several ways:

  • Its energy autonomy (of up to 1 year)
  • Borderless coverage with GPRS communication
  • Accuracy
  • Small size and its very low weight (less than 35g)

The above features open up new uses in a market with increasing requirements in terms of anti-theft monitoring and traceability.

Very strong interest from the market:

Currently, this miniature GPS tracker is arousing a great deal of interest amongst insurance companies, security and logistics professionals. The company has already recorded orders for several thousand units. Its presence at the Mobile World Congress should also open up major foreign markets, in particular partnerships with distributors and integrators in the geolocation and security sectors.

A real technological innovation:

The AGUILA1000 mini-tracker from AGUILA Technologies is the result of several years of Research and Development.

The technological feat consists of incorporating a set of technology innovations within an extremely small size: a highly sensitive mini-GPS, accurate to 3m, movement and impact sensors, Bluetooth 4 (low-consumption) communications, GPRS data transmission, and various power- management scenarios making possible long-lasting and complete energy autonomy.

Method of operation:

All the monitoring and alert parameters (sensitivity to movement, tracking duration and regularity, outline of the security area, geofencing, etc.) can be configured remotely with simplified ergonomics, using a smartphone, tablet or PC.

“This is the result of our geolocation experiences in difficult real-world situations and also of AGUILA’s advanced R&D”, explained Hubert Forgeot, founder and CEO of AGUILA Technologies. “With this mini geolocation system we have a significant competitive advantage over current units, which are larger and have much shorter battery lives. Our tracker can remain on standby for up to 1 year, depending on the mode of use.”

For complete reliability, whatever the mode of use selected, the system regularly sends messages to the user confirming its power level and that it is working properly.

About AGUILA Technologies:

AGUILA is a high-tech company specialising in communicative electronic systems (Machine to Machine) and geolocation. An expert in small-size and very low power consumption connected objects, AGUILA has developed products for high-growth business sectors using geolocation, such as intelligent transport systems and environmental monitoring. AGUILA is now a player recognised for its innovative strength, with highly specialised expertise in particularly promising M2M communicative systems sectors.

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