Crash and Casualty Data

Very few organisations operate without using the road. Millions of vehicles – lorries, vans, taxis, buses, emergency service vehicles, company cars, motorcycles, bicycles – are used for work purposes, and many people work on foot on or by the road – maintenance workers, refuse collectors, postal workers, vehicle breakdown employees, the police and so on. All these workers are exposed to risks from traffic.

It is estimated that between one quarter and one third of reported road casualties occur in road accidents involving someone who was driving, riding or otherwise using the road for work purposes.

The HSE estimate that “more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time.”

In 2015, 541 people were killed, 4,822 seriously injured and more than 40,000 slightly injured in collisions involving a driver or rider driving for work.

Since 2006, almost 62,000 people have been killed or seriously injured, and almost half a million slightly injured in work-related road crashes.

Road Casualties ‘driving for work’ by severity 2006-2015 4