Crash & Casualty Data (OSRA)

Crash and Casualty Data Very few organisations operate without using the road. Millions of vehicles - lorries, vans, taxis, buses, emergency service vehicles, company cars, motorcycles, bicycles - are used for work purposes, and many people work on foot on or by the road - maintenance workers, refuse collectors, postal workers, vehicle breakdown employees, the [...]

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How Hughes Telematics Works

Right now, there may be a whole lot going on inside of your car or truck that you simply take for granted; especially if your ride is equipped with a factory-installed vehicle telematics system such as GM's OnStar or Ford's SYNC system. Both of these systems allow you to receive roadside assistance or automatically notify [...]

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and Insurance

The core role of an insurer is to give their customers financial certainty by carrying their financial risk in exchange for a premium. Given the inextricable link between physical risks and financial risks, insurers have always had an interest in their customers mitigating risk in order to minimise financial losses, but until now have not [...]

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Parents less prepared to handle emergencies in the car vs. at home

ATLANTA, GA – According to a study released by hum, when it comes to creating safe environments for their families childproofing, installing security systems and blocking dangerous areas in their homes (such as stairways) rank among the top measures parents take to protect their households. In comparison, the research found that parents are less prepared [...]

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SIGFOX rollout announced for Portugal

SIGFOX’s cost-effective, energy-efficient global network eliminates the cost and energy-use barriers to widen implementation of IoT solutions by providing small- message communication and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices. Under the agreement, NarrowNet is deploying the SIGFOX network and developing the Portuguese IoT ecosystem for device manufacturers and service providers. It [...]

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AGUILA1000 mini-tracker

French technology for a high-performance, miniature, autonomous geolocation tracker. During the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, M2M and geolocation specialist AGUILA Technologies launched its very latest generation GPS mini-tracker, the AGUILA1000, on the European markets. Light, with very long energy autonomy, it is the smallest geolocation tracker in the world today. New uses to meet increasing [...]

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COMPASS Competition – COMbined Positioning Alternative Signalling System

The Problem: “Imagine the scenario. Its peak time on a Friday evening and the signalling system has failed. On the signalling floor, the displays are blank and signallers are trying to piece together the limited information they have. Train drivers are calling in for information and Control are battling to develop a recovery plan whilst [...]

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Galileo Speed Warning

Background: We know that inappropriate speed kills. Conversely, lower speeds contribute significantly to greater road safety and a reduction in road deaths. Research has demonstrated that 7 out of 10 pedestrians who are hit by a car doing 50km/h are killed; this reduces to 1 in 10 for cars doing 30 km/h. Governments, through policy, [...]

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EGNOS and Galileo

Space is the industrial revolution of the 21st century, underpinning European industry and day-to-day life. In fact, there is little in society that is not influenced or delivered because of space technology. Importantly, space presents us with significant geopolitical, economic and societal opportunities. The European global satellite navigation systems agency (GSA) is responsible for translating [...]

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Electronic Monitoring

Satsafe Technologies develops GPS enabled products and services that enable the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing or protecting. Our vast experience in telematics and micro-sensing technologies combined with a background in the security and risk sectors places us firmly at the [...]

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