SatsafeBox™ | next-generation logistics

SatsafeBox™ is a smart-connected, palletised plastic box designed for the safe and secure transportation of high value/risk items anywhere in the world.

This means you can now monitor each individual box’s GPS location, internal temperature, humidity, shock events and light ingress (potential tampering) throughout it’s journey receiving exception alerts in very near real time.

1.  Order online – Pallets arrive next day packed down

2. Remove lid, fit side walls (located under lid) and load up box

3. Activate Tracking/Sensor Unit and secure lid

4. Pallet leaves depot. Log on to portal to monitor consignment

5. Consignment arrives destination. Open & deactivate tracker

6. Return used trackers to us (free return service), via any post box

“We are proud that our not for profit, R&D arm completed the European Space Agency Business Incubation programme based at the Campus Technology Hub in Sci-Tec Daresbury.  The ongoing support and encouragement we receive from everyone at the Science & Technology Facilities Council is very much appreciated”

 – Stuart Millward. CEO/Founder SATSAFE®