Satsafe for schools has been especially designed for schools/colleges to know the precise movement of buses ferrying the students. It offers a management solution that uses cellular network connectivity and GNSS based location information to locate school buses in real time and an intuitive portal to significantly improve safety and efficiency of the fleet. Parents get ‘pick up’ and ‘drop alerts’ when the bus is nearing the home destination so that they need not wait for long time for their kids.

If the bus exceeds the prescribed speed, over speeding alerts on the portal or mobile phone of the school transport manager and/or any other designated authority are automatically generated. Satsafe has the following alerts for parents:

Special Features

  • Easy to use Web interface for school Administration.
  • Single list view displaying status of all the school buses at a glance.
  • GNSS location on digital maps with zoom in/ out option.
  • Replay the route history of each bus for one year.
  • Alerts on over speed and undue stoppage.
  • Secured login ID and password for accessing the information on web interface by parents.

Alerts for parents

  • Picked up from home
  • Dropped at school
  • Not dropped at school
  • Dropped but not at school
  • Picked up from school
  • Reaching home
  • Dropped at home
  • Not dropped at home
  • Dropped but not at home

Available Reports

  • Consolidated Report
  • Trips Report
  • Speed violation Report
  • Idling Report
  • Journey Report
  • Driver scoring Report
  • Student Management Report