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Typical care scenarios and applications

Location.  Our GEOBLOC® family of devices are equipped with a multi-constellation GPS receivers able to determine the location of the device to within a few metres. By setting geofences, users (carers or family members) can automatically receive warnings if an elderly parent wearing the device leaves their home and are able to track them in real time if required.

Temperature.  An elderly person dies every seven minutes during winter due to fuel poverty and cold related injuries cost the NHS £1.2 bn per year.  GEOBLOC® is able to raise an alert if the temperature of the house falls to dangerous levels by sending the information directly to a family member who can then take appropriate action.  Conversely, during house fires, some elderly/terminally ill people die because they are unable to hear alarms due to heavy sedation/medication. GEOBLOC® can be set to alert carers and potentially neighbours if temperature reaches an upper threshold.

Movement.  GEOBLOC®can be fitted to a kitchen door and as the door is opened, it records the movement and times. This simple piece of information can provide important insights into a vulnerable person’s life in a non-invasive way. If for example, an elderly person normally gets up each day and makes a hot drink before 09:00 and no movement is detected, an alert can be sent to a family member who can then make a telephone call either directly or to a carer/neighbour living nearby.

Humidity.  Damp and mould have been linked to respiratory problems, allergies and asthma. Research found people with asthma were twice as likely to live in homes with damp as those without.  GEOBLOC® can send an alert if a certain humidity level is reached and provide a practical solution and early warning of a burst/leaking pipe to landlords of empty properties.

Satsafe are keen to explore how GEOBLOC® may be used in social care settings and potentially, how it may be financed as part of a Social Impact Bond in partnership with Local Authorities.

The Challenges facing Social Care:

  • A global ageing population is placing tremendous demands on care services
  • 850,000 people live with dementia in the UK which costs the UK £26.3bn a year
  • Cold related injuries during winter time cost the NHS £1.2bn per year
  • Poor housing costs the NHS more than £600m a year and can have a devastating impact on residents’ health.

Warm, safe, well designed housing, effective delivery of home adaptations, the provision of supported specialist housing, aids, equipment and assistive technologies all have quantifiable effects with regard to improved health, well-being and independent living, particularly for older people with chronic conditions.

Vulnerable people, whether due to old age or disability are a significant challenge to Local Authorities and the overall aim is to get people to live well at home for as long as possible rather than relying on care services provided by the state.

Most Telecare Services and remote monitoring/SOS call systems are expensive to acquire with high monthly fees.  Many also rely on a level of technical abilty in order to set the systems up making safety and security exclusive to those able to afford them and technically competent enough to set them up.

Satsafe Technologies is on a mission: ‘To develop innovative, GPS based products and services that provide safety and security benefit to end users”.

The Solution – GEOBLOC® multi-sensing device

GEOBLOC® is a small, battery operated device that contains a range of sensors able to determine the physical and environmental conditions of it’s immediate vicinity. The device is capable of detecting movement, temperature, humidity, light and sound levels and transmits this data via the internet to our cloud-based servers.  This information is then processed against personally set parameters and where exceptions occur, an alert is raised and sms/email sent directly to family or community members who may take appropriate action. It also alerts users of current battery level and when it needs charging.

The most significant feature of our telecare GEOBLOC® is that it connects to the web without the need for any local wireless network or reliance on gsm telecommunications infrastructure. The device works straight from the box wherever there is a LoRaWAN – a purpose-built telecommunications network designed specifically for the Internet of Things and ideal for devices that only send small data packets (alarm exceptions). This feature means that unlike current alarm or alert systems, GEOBLOC® devices can remain in-situ for several years of operation before replacement batteries are required.

User Reviews

My mother, suffering from Dementia, wandered away from a Liverpool hospital during a visit. We found her stood on the Docks where she had spent much of her life. I believe GEOBLOC is going to save millions of people around the world so much heartache and worry.
Jane Harwood
Just knowing that my dad is up and about every day before 9:00 gives me a sense of reassurance that he is OK without feeling that I am spying on him.
Stuart Millward
Since my father died, my mother spent many years living alone. For me, to know that I would receive an alert if her house was getting cold enabled me to get on with my day without worrying all the time.

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