CityVerve – A ‘BluePrint’ for smart cities globally

CityVerve is a two-year, InnovateUK £15m IoT Smart City Demonstrator project, sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and the project partners.

This high profile project  is based around the large-scale deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies where everyday objects can be connected to a network in order to share data. This approach will demonstrate and evidence the benefits to citizens’ through environmental improvements, economic opportunities, and the more efficient and effective delivery of services such as transport, healthcare and energy. It will provide the ability to create new services and operating models through the interoperability between transport, healthcare and energy systems.

The geographical focus of CityVerve is Greater Manchester; a city region which has been at the forefront of the city devolution agenda, in particular health and social care provision, leading the way in designing new ways of delivering services and providing the blueprint for other cities in the UK and beyond.

CityVerve will build on these opportunities to provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform a wide range of city services centred around the needs of the communities we serve and local people. Not only is this is an urgent priority for Greater Manchester, but a challenge faced by many global cities.

Satsafe ia a CityVerve Official Partner

Since the project’s start date in July 2016, Satsafe has been a consortium partner for CityVerve and lead partner for the road safety work package. Smart cities are much more than connected static ‘things’. They are a dynamic, live environment that is ever-changing as the city’s vehicles – cars, buses, taxis, vans and larger commercial vehicles, bicycles and specialist transport such as mobility scooters compete for a limited physical space in order to get to their destination safely and in good time. Given this complex interaction of people and machines it is inevitable that accidents can sometimes occur – often with devastating consequences.

In Greater Manchester 54 people died as a result of traffic collisions in 2014. 20%of all serious accidents involve young drivers (17-24) even though this age group makes up just 8% of the driving population. Other high risk groups include elderly drivers who may suffer from age-related diminished driver ability and other debilitating illnesses as they get older.

CityVerve will demonstrate how IoT can make a positive impact on reducing accidents and environmental emissions by deploying telematics devices that combine next‐generation GPS positioning technologies with accelerometers and in‐vehicle on board diagnostics (OBD) and smart sensing HD video data.

The merging of these technologies will facilitate the personalised scoring of  individual drivers, regardless of age, gender, demographic, professional status or experience in order to make a positive impact on their driving style to make them smoother, safer and more efficient drivers who will benefit the whole city as a whole.