geobloc® is a ‘next-generation’ GPS tracking device packed with smart sensors able to share it’s location and pysical characteristics at any time of day or night. The device has been designed as a power adaptor for the vehicle’s cigarette lighter with 2 x USB outlets.

Due to it’s innovative power-saving features, combined with our geolocation app that can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or pc,  geobloc® is a user friendly, affordable way to keep you in touch with your vehicles – anywhere in the world.

How geobloc® can help you:

Technical Specifications


Dimensions: H40 x W43 x L85 mm

Weight: 46 grammes

Battery: 3.7V/130mAh lithium-polymer battery

Network: GSM/GPRS

Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Working voltage: 9-15VDC

Working temperature: -20 – 60 degrees celcius

Humidity range: 5% – 95%

Simple and User Friendly

SATSAFE geobloc® comes with a geolocation application running on smartphone, tablet or PC. This also allows remote configuration of the device wherever you are in the world and updating alarm parameters is very simple via the app.

  • Plug & Play GPS tracking technology means that you can be up and running in literally 30 seconds. We ship the device already fitted with a SIM card so you can see your vehicles as soon as the device is switched on and plugged in  via the SATSAFE app.
  • Alerts geobloc® is constantly monitoring motion detection and sends an alert directly to a user’s mobile with exact location of asset at time of alert. There are various functions available to set from the app which can send sms alerts directly to your mobile phone.
  • Geo-Fence Zones. This mode allows geobloc® free movement inside a specific area without raising an alarm. This area is defined either by it’s GPS location or by it’s proximity to a bluetooth transmitter. Alerts are raised if the person wearing the vehicle leaves the geofenced area followed by live tracking on demand via the APP.
  • External voltage detection. If your vehicle battery is running low, the device can send you an alert via sms in order for you to do something in advance of becoming stranded due to a flat battery.