Telematics Insurance for the masses….why not?

Satsafe is an InsurTech Company that has developed a range of hardware and software designed to help insurance companies and fleet managers better understand the risk of individual drivers. As lead partner for the connected vehicle and road safety work package in CityVerve, Satsafe have pushed the current limits of black-box technologies by providing a value-added solution packaged in a forward facing dash cam.

At the beginning of 2018, Satsafe launched a programme designed to explore the potential for self-install aftermarket devices like telematcis and dash cams that could help older drivers to stay on the road safer for longer. TelematiCam is a small, yet powerful device capable of providing safety and security benefits to our customers, whilst at the same time, providing insurers with a way to monitor individual driver behaviour and price their premiums accordingly.

This approach has been widely adopted by insurers in the young driver market for several years and those drivers that drive well, do make considerable cost savings against the non-telematics (black box) insurance policies.

Satsafe is currently working with two of Europe’s leading insurers to see how our technology can be deployed at scale in order to provide individual premiums to different user groups from taxis, fleet and senior drivers.

Please watch this space in the coming weeks to learn more about this exciting development.

If you wish to purchasea TelematiCam for your own peace of mind when driving, click HERE.

TelematiCam - powered by Satsafe