24/7 GPS tracking, communication and live mapping solutions to improve operations, minimise costs and reduce paperwork.

Desktop Platform

Management software provides users with access to real-time situational awareness. Based on a collaborative map it allows interactions with other local team members and enables administration of the mission critical datasets. SatsafePRO™ can be used anywhere and from a wide range of devices including ruggedised PDAs.

System Messenger

Smartphone app designed for coordination of staff in the field via real-time interactive map. Messenger allows users to display tactical data (geo-fenced areas, safe/dangerous zones, POIs, navigation, waypoints) share their location using various modes: incognito, SOS etc, create incident reports and communicate with each other (group, messaging, photos).

Tracking Devices

SatsafePRO™ is a flexible and powerful Application Enablement Platform ready to integrate with a huge range of personal and vehicle/asset mounted GPS tracking devices, smart sensors and camera systems. As an all-in-one operations/mission management system, SatsafePRO™ increases staff safety, minimises costs and reduces paperwork.

For immediate information exchange between response units and Incident Commanders. Assign orders, draw the operational situation into maps and always be aware of your units’ location. The system incorporates control room, mobile application, tracking units and wireless live cameras. UAV (Drone) HD video footage can also be transmitted and shared from over 2km away.

The system is easy to integrate with any other emergency service.

Better overview of your units’ location helps you make faster decisions.

With SatsafePRO™ both professional and volunteer fire fighters can get to the scene faster. They can communicate with each other and share information in real time without overloading the radio.

The tablet app simplifies communication between the crew and central dispatch. Moreover, it speeds up crew coordination. That way, help can arrive faster than previously possible. The system is also suitable for seamless integration of the Ambulance service with Police, Fire and other emergency services.

SatsafePRO™ Features

  • Complete system for operations/mission management
  • Sustainable and evolving technology
  • Designed for both small projects and enterprises
  • Easy to use interface requiring minimal training
  • Secured communications protocols and private databases
  • Currently deployed internationally by security and emergency specialists
  • UNDP Certified vendor (GINA Software s.r.o)