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geobloc Car Charger GPS Tracker


“Telecare is as much about the philosophy of dignity and independence as it is about technology and services. The service package, and choice of technology, is provided to support the individual in their home and is tailored to meet their needs. It can be as simple as the basic social alarm service, able to respond 24/7 in a given situation, it can include sensors and triggers such as motion or fall detectors and fire and gas alarms, that trigger a warning to a response centre staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It can also include location devices, that can be used to enable an individual to have security outside of their home”

– Telecare Services Association.


Features of geobloc®
  • Smart Design, Accurate GPS Tracking.
  • Weight – only 65g and fits into any standard cigarette lighter.
  • Rugged design with 2 x USB power ports
  • Live 24/7 geo-location and reporting

With geobloc®, and the associated app, you can get instant alerts whenever your vehicle enters/leaves pre-determined areas via the simple to use geo-fence function.

  • Alarm: In case of an emergency  geobloc® can send alarms to call for help. The device sends an instant sms to a paired mobile phone and upon receipt, the receiver can click on an embedded link which opens Google maps showing the exact location of the vehicle at the time of the raised alarm.
  • Low battery warning.  If the vehicle’s car battery starts to run low, an alert is sent to the connected mobile phone. Also sends an alert if the device is un-plugged.


Dimensions77 x 47 x 20mm
Charging Voltage
MT90(V4)/MT90_S: Micro USB charging port, DC 4.2 V–5.5 V/400 mA
MT90: Mini USB charging port, DC 4.2 V–5.5 V/400 mA
Standby battery
1100 mAh/3.7 V rechargeable and replaceable lithium-ion battery (Nokia BL-5C compatible)
Power Consumption
MT90(V4)/MT90_S: 60 mA standby current and 5 mA deep sleep
MT90: 65 mA standby current and 15 mA deep sleep
Operating Temperature
Working hours
MT90(V4)/MT90_S: 240 hours in power-saving mode and 14 hours in normal mode
2 indicators showing power, GSM, and GPS status
5 buttons/switches
Internal microphone and speaker
8 MB byte (130,000 GPS Logs, 8,000 GPRS caches, and 256 SMS caches)
Acceleration Sensor
GSM Frequency Band
Positioning accuracy

Satsafe® geobloc

Box Size: 146x104x100mm G/W:0.5kg per


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