Innovative solutions helping the Insurance sector to mitigate risk and increase business performance.

Background to Satsafe ‘Intelligent Insurance’ Technologies

Satsafe started life as a specialist technology business (Covert Support Limited) providing a wide range of GPS tracking services for personal, vehicle, and asset tracking applications. Our detailed web-based software includes dashboards, real time tracking, worldwide multiple provider street maps, professional customization reports, detailed alerting structure and integration with mobile phone apps, desktop and web services to enable effective coordination between office and field-based team members.

Over the last two years, the business has focused on providing insurance-centric applications including telematics and remote alarms to provide risk benefit to both underwriters and their end customers.

By partnering Insurance Companies, we are working on packaging a range of co-branded insurance propositions whereby customers benefit from potentially lower insurance premiums by using our products. Insurers benefit by less exposure and better risk management as well as tremendous cross and up-selling opportunity enabled by our consumer and commercial level devices.

Why Satsafe?

To develop innovative, GPS-based products and services that provide safety and security benefit to end users
To us, a ‘black box’ is just a black box. The core purpose of black box car insurance or fleet telematics is to collect information about the physical characteristics of a vehicle as it is being driven. This information is then transmitted as a data packet, normally via GSM technology to a telematics service provider’s or in some cases, directly to insurers’ servers. It is this raw data, once processed through algorithms to provide meaningful management information to Risk Managers in order to better manage their exposure to loss.

In July 2014, we set up a not-for-profit R&D social enterprise, Satsafe Technologies Community Interest Company. The Department of Trade and Industry defined social enterprise as “…a business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners.”

Satsafe Telematics Application – SatsafeBUS™

Benefits for Passengers

SatsafeBUS™ monitors the physical characteristics (speed, acceleration, braking and cornering) of the mini bus as it is being driven and provides alerts to the transport manager if driving exceptions such as aggresive driving are detected. If the vehicle is involved in a collision, Satsafe can automatically alert the emergency services of the collision and provide potentially life-saving information to the call handler saving precious time and cost in deploying appropriate emergency services as appropriate.

Benefits to Insurers

Our system is a real time, incident managent platform that enables the collation of all data relating to an incident to be co-ordinated and managed in one place. This cuts the cost of crash investigation, reduces fraud and improves customer relationships.

The system is based on our proven platform – SatsafePRO™, originally built for investigation applications which time stamps information received by remote devices (alerts), interactions with customers including incident photographs and on-location notes written by witnesses in real time.

Benefit to Schools/Parents

Primary benefit includes ‘peace of mind’ knowing that their children are being driven safely from sports and other events. On occasions, the mini bus may be late returning to a school meaning that worried parents may ‘clog up’ switch-boards seeking information. SatsafeBUS™ enables parents to automatically receive sms alerts about the ETA of the bus thus saving wasted journeys and reducing stress.


Satsafe - smart monitoring solutions™

Satsafe® develops co-branded GPS based products and services that provide safety and security benefit to end users.