What is security?

Security is said to exist where there is a separation between the asset and the threat. Satsafe’s core business is developing App-centric software solutions around each of our products in order to provide safety and security benefit to our customers.

When we use the term, ‘safe and secure’, we are generally speaking about a ‘condition’ or state of something/body and it enables us to go about our lives without the need to constantly worry about the ‘threat’ of a particular event occuring which may lead to a specific loss. This ‘peace of mind’ is the main benefit of using Satsafe® products and it is the robust and resilient systems behind our service (SatsafePRO™ ) that gives our products their true value.

To learn more about our core product – SatsafePRO™  or GEOBLOC® remote, location-enabled sensing, please contact us.

Example Products & Services

GEOBLOC® is going to change the way we use security devices. Radically low cost with long battery life, GEOBLOC® can be used where there is no electricity supply (vacant buildings) but capable of providing effective protection against break-in, flood or fire – the 3 biggest costs to insurers in terms of claims payouts.

Satsafe are currently in discussions with specially selected insurers to provide low-cost insurance for anyone using GEOBLOC® to monitor and protect their assets.