Introducing SatsafeTag™

Geo Tags are small, plastic 50mm x 50mm tags that can be attached to any asset. They are chemical, wear and weather resistant. Each GeoTag has a unique, laser etched QR code that enables the asset to be monitored and managed extremely efficiently and at extremely low cost. Each can be colour coded to clearly identify it’s key function and risk related – White GeoTags for general maintenance and red GeoTag used in safety critical situations/processes.

Whilst the GeoTag concept is ‘low tech’, the small, unassuming discs pack a powerful capability to introduce very significant operational efficiencies into any service industry.

Rail Example.

Each inspection box has a specific purpose and in situations where it may be commercially un viable to hard wire, or even fit a remote, battery powered gsm-enabled monitoring device, the GeoTag has enormous potential to gather key information. Field Engineers open the box to revel a Satsafe GeoTag fixed to the inside door which the engineer scans with their mobile device. The system is secure so the Engineer’s initial contact with the system will initiate a registration procedure consisting of an email address and mobile number. The System Administrator then authorises them as a user and their phone is then tethered to the GeoTag platform which sits within SatsafeZone.

This process opens a web-based form which can then be completed as the engineer completes their maintenance tasks. Check buttons can be embedded into the form and used to provide valuable insight and status of that particular asset. By clicking the EXIT button, the information submitted by the Engineer is geo stamped before being submitted via their mobile phone. The Engineering Contractor now has audit trail of which engineer conducted the work, at what time, the duration of the work and where the work took place. Additional notes about the status of the particular job are also stored on the SatsafeZone platform.

A strategic, map based view allows maintenance teams to click on each tag on the map to revel it’s current status/condition.  There is also a smart routing facility to enable engineers to visit a large number of individual locations via an optimised route this saving mileage, fuel costs and reducing environmental impact

The system is based on a subscription basis and consists of batches of GeoTags which have an initial cost starting at less than £1 per tag.

1000 Tags – £1,000

5000 Tags – £4,000

10,000 Tags – £7,5000

Each batch of GeoTags have a monthly subscription for the data/back office management via SatsafeZone of £1 per week/GeoTag.