Satsafe in an innovative and cost effective web based real-time GNSS tracking & fleet management solution comprising of hardware as well as software. Satsafe incorporates GNSS / Satellite / GPRS /WiFi technologies that enable real time continuous control and tracking of location of the vehicles etc. It is an unique way to monitor and control your fleet to there precise details by sitting in the office or from home.

It also enables you to monitor the movements of your employees, children, pets, containers or any other moving asset accurately. Whether you are a small, mid-sized or a large Corporation, Satsafe is a complete state-of-the-art in-house solution for all your tracking and fleet management requirements.

New Features

Driver scoringTrip Analysis

Get detailed analysis of the trips undertaken by your vehicles.

Driver scoring-6Shifts

Generate shifts for your vehicles and check reports based on these shifts.


Check payment history and provide history to your clients.

Driver scoring-2New Root Login

Add multiple administrators to the software. Dashboard showing details of your licenses, server load, database load background processes and logs.

Driver scoring-32-Way Events Graph

Intuitive and innovative events graph to check events occurring on the trackers and vice-versa

Driver scoring-4Reminders

Multiple trackers may be scheduled from the live window, enabling easy maintenance of your vehicles.

Driver scoringAdministrator Tools

Completely redesigned new home administrator page with lots of enhancements for managing alerts, messages etc.