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CityVerve Manchester – Official Partner

As lead partner for the road safety work package in CityVerve, Satsafe shall demonstrate the societal, environmental and commercial benefits of  telematics technologies when deployed in different use cases. These include: for cycling and motorcycles, vulnerable drivers (young and elderly), taxis, school transport, couriers and light commercial vehicles owned and operated by private companies.
GEOBLOC® is our family concept of remote sensing black boxes that merge satellite data with micro sensors to provide high performance and radically low-cost solutions to many technological, environmental, societal and business challenges.

Telematics Young Driver Use Case

Each year, nearly 500,000 young drivers take to the road for the first time and of these, 1:10 will have an accident in their first six months of driving.  Young drivers (aged 17-24) are involved in 20% of all serious accidents yet make up just 8% of the driving population.

Our Mission: “to develop innovative, GPS-based products and services that influence user behaviour in order to reduce accidents and save lives whilst reducing environmental impact”

Transport for Greater Manchester has contracted with Satsafe to deploy our telematics solution for a 12 month in-field research project. Working in partnership with the Institute for Automotive and Manufacturing Advanced Practice (AMAP) from Sunderland University, the aim of the project is to scientifically validate telematics technologies to determine their effectiveness in reducing the risk of young drivers causing or being involved in an accident – thereby improving road safety.

GEOBLOC®Our automotive telematics solution has industry-leading, high speed sampling rate with the ability to record up to 1,000 data points per second (10x more data than other current-generation technology). This capability means that we can very accurately account for events in near real time and especially when needed most: during an accident.

By using the accelerometer to track the orientation and acceleration of the vehicle, it takes driver behavior observation a step beyond GPS and enables a level of detail not seen elsewhere in the market. This heightened insight is invaluable as it provides an opportunity to immediately detect accidents and to provide quicker emergency assistance to drivers.

For insurers, the ability to to accurately re-construct accidents enables them to ascertain exact cause more readily. Also, by starting the claims management process sooner also protects themselves and their customers from fraudulend and spurious claims (Crash for Cash).

satsafe GPS Tracker-GV500

Breaking News…

Following our success as a finalist in the UK leg of the European Space Navigation Competition, Satsafe Technologies has won a place at the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centre.  This year long programme effectively de-risks our product developments by accessing funding, technical and business support from some of the very best engineers in the world.
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“For any start-up, spin-out or entrepreneur, coming up with a great idea is just the first step. Turning it quickly and effectively into a winning commercial offering can be an even bigger challenge.”

– European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC Harwell)

At Satsafe we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with ESA BIC both at Harwell and Daresbury to help us to transform space technology and systems into successful, vibrant, non space-related products across many IoT applications and verticals.

From humble beginnings as a GPS tracking Company, Satsafe is unique in this sector and as our brand name suggests, we focus on leveraging satellite data to enhance IoT applications in terms of safety and security benefit to end users across the globe.

Our products and services enable our customers to answer two fundamental questions:

  • The power of Geo-Location: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) modules – commonly referred to as GPS, is embedded into most of our solutions.
  • Condition/Status: By deploying a wide range of micro sensors across any market vertical, we are able to gain insight into a constantly changing situation, condition or status of any particular object or person in any place and at any given time.

By ‘mashing up’ sensor, location and timing information whilst exploiting new and exciting IoT communication networks able to penetrate deep into buildings, we deliver accurate, timely and most importantly – relevant and useful information right into the palms of those who need it most.

To leverage the full range of satellite technologies; Communication, Earth Observation and GNSS to provide innovative B2B and B2C solutions to enable Satsafe to become a globally recognised security and safety brand within 5 years.
To develop location-based (GPS) products and services that influence user behaviour in order to provide safety and security benefit to end users.
Brand distribution or shared ownership through licensing. Our Satsafe® Partner Programme licenses our IP on a regional, national and international basis (see below). If you have an idea you think would work well as a Satsafe® branded product, please contact us for an initial discussion.
Regional representation. Individual licensees operate their business within exclusive territories with ‘Satsafe® Master Licences’ available for each Country.