Welcome to SATSAFE® advanced safety & security monitoring technology

SATSAFE is an award-winning technology business that sells a range of safety and security products for the home, for your vehicles, pets, even kids. We started exploring the idea that we might be able to develop a range of consumer-level devices that might save lives.

A few years ago, we were devastated to learn of the young boy who had gone skiing with his family during which time, he got seperated.

SatsafeBox™ | next-generation logistics

Every day billions of high-value items, from pharmaceuticals to electronic devices, move through complex supply chains all across the world. At some point or another, many of these goods rely on shipping pallets; a simple, unassuming tool, but one which has helped to revolutionise supply chains since they were first introduced.

However, despite the huge amounts of money and reputation at stake, there is very little by way of visibility of what those remote palletised assets are doing at every stage of their journey.

Until now! Watch our introductory video (left) or click here to read more...

GEOBLOC®OBD advanced driver monitoring technology

Each year in the UK, nearly 500,000 young drivers take to the road for the first time and statistics show that of these, 1 in 10 will have an accident in their first six months of driving.  More worryingly, young drivers (aged 17-24) are involved in 20% of all serious accidents yet they make up just 8% of the driving population.

It is time to act!

GEOBLOC®OBD £95.00 incl.

GEOBLOC-OBD Telematics Device

"We are proud that our not for profit, R&D arm completed the European Space Agency Business Incubation programme based at the Campus Technology Hub in Sci-Tec Daresbury.  The ongoing support and encouragement we receive from everyone at the Science & Technology Facilities Council is very much appreciated"

 - Stuart Millward. CEO/Founder SATSAFE®