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Satsafe® is an award-winning technology Company that develops GPS-enabled products and services that provide safety and security benefit to end users.

Over the last two years, the Company has been a consortium member of the UK’s city demonstrator project for IoT.  As lead partner for the road safety use case we have been pushing the boundaries of connected vehicle technologies beyond the established markets of young driver insurance and fleet management applications.

Most recently, we launched the Nationwide, SATSAFE® Senior Driver Programme, the largest technology research and validation study where drivers over the age of 65 years are invited to work with us to test, explore and validate a range of low cost, aftermarket in-vehicle technology designed to keep them on the road safer for longer

Satsafe is co-located with subject matter experts from The Hartree Centre at Sci-Tec Daresbury, meaning we have benefited from some of the world’s leading authorities in industrial R&D through use of high performance computing, big data analytics, visualisation and cognitive technologies to create the SATSAFE® solution.

TelematiCam GPS-enabled IOT camera
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GEOBLOC® advanced driver monitoring technology

Each year in the UK, nearly 500,000 young drivers take to the road for the first time and statistics show that of these, 1 in 10 will have an accident in their first six months of driving.  More worryingly, young drivers (aged 17-24) are involved in 20% of all serious accidents yet they make up just 8% of the driving population.

It is time to act!

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GEOBLOC-OBD Telematics Device

“We are proud that our not for profit, R&D arm is part of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre based at the Campus Technology Hub in Sci-Tec Daresbury.  The ongoing support and encouragement we receive from everyone at the Science & Technology Facilities Council is excellent and very much appreciated”

 – Stuart Millward. CEO/Founder Satsafe® Technologies