We are facing a global ageing population challenge and as people continue to drive into their advanced years, these senior drivers, some of whom may be suffering from age-related diminished driving ability, may present themselves and other road users with heightened risk of causing or being involved in an accident.

The SATSAFE® Senior Driver Programme is therefore, seeking volunteers from across the UK to take part in a study to explore the potential for affordable, aftermarket in-vehicle technologies (telematics black-boxes and smart dash cameras), that could help senior drivers to stay on the road safer for longer.

Having spent more than three years refining our technology solution, SATSAFE® can provide seniors and family members with peace of mind knowing that there is a ‘virtual driving assistant’ connecting their vehicles to the outside world taking in all sorts of information about how and when a particular vehicle is being driven.  We believe that to deny a senior person the ability to drive simply because of their advanced years, is unfair but most importantly, research shows that social mobility is an important factor in helping to maintain mental health.

Through this programme, we are aiming to demonstrate the enormous benefits of simple to use in-vehicle technologies (including smart dash-cams), that could assist in the process of assessing one’s suitability to continue driving or even detect when there may be a medical intervention required.

Many of these safety and security benefits necessitate the sharing of information about you and your vehicle.  As a Company, Satsafe takes Information Governance and personal privacy extremely seriously to ensure our customers, partners and stakeholders have confidence in the ethics of our work. You can learn more about our Privacy Policy, Information Security Policy and General Terms and Conditions by clicking HERE.

How it works:

  • You register your interest by completing the above form

  • You will then be contacted by our Driver Research Support Team who will provide you with further information

  • You receive a ‘plug & play’ SATSAFE® black box with installation instructions

  • You will receive an email from us with a link to your personal driver scoring dashboard

SATSAFE® is building on our research and development completed as part of the UK’s city demonstrator project for the Internet of Things in Manchester.  The SATSAFE® Senior Driver Programme is exploring how a proven technology that has been successfully used by fleet managers and insurance companies might help to identify potentially hazardous driving behaviour by senior drivers.

Our simple to install (Plug & Play), black-box technology collects information about the physical characteristics of a vehicle in terms of acceleration, braking and cornering forces and speed at a given time and place. With this data, we are able to produce individual driver scores for each and every journey and where exceptions occur, we can share that specific journey with drivers with advice on how to improve. Think of us as your 24/7, driving assistant and coach.

Once you have completed the application form, we will send you more detailed information about the project. We hope you enjoy using the SATSAFE® Driver Monitoring service and look forward to helping you to remain a safe, confident driver for as long as possible.

Lindsey Rhodes – Director, Senior Driver Programme